Thunderbird 3 is Disappointing

I’ve always been a fan of Thunderbird – I’ve found it to be a lightweight and reliable mail client.  Unfortunately, the newest v3 of Thunderbird has a few issues with IMAP.  A number of people (myself included) are reporting that sporadically, TB is deleting emails off the server and the client.  With my situation, it seems that any email older than a week is being purged.  The whole point of IMAP is to keep your mail on the server and sync the client so that you can have multi-client access to your email.  Having searched through every setting imaginable, I’ve all but given up.  I made one last change today telling my email accounts to ignore my profile and not delete mail ever, even though that’s what the profiles say!

Ultimately, I’ve decided that Thunderbird is off my list of good products and I’ll have to stick with the standard Mail product from Apple.  Very disappointing.


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