PDC09 Day 1 – Data Programming and Modelling for .Net Devs

This was a relatively introductory session by the very funny duo of Don Box and Chris Anderson.  The session talked a fair bit about using Entity Framework and working with databases via object models.  One interesting thing that they showed was that the tools now can enforce pluralisation and singularisation of the various parts of your model.  Of course, Don and Chris went right to those tricky ones like Goose (which pluralised to Geese) and Sheep (which stayed as Sheep for plural).

One thing they showed which was cool was that in VS2010 you can do straight T-SQL right in the IDE – that created a round of applause. 

Don also had a bit of stab at Sharepoint people.  He referred to them as being “top of the tree” and developers being merely “below the leaf cover” dwellers.  He also had a great throwaway line about Lenovo having a new Sharepoint appliance, a laptop.

It was a very straightforward session and at the end they showed a bit of “M”.  I get “M”, but I don’t necessarily see the point.  A couple of the Incite devs at the session were also split about the usefulness.  I’m not sure if “M” will ever take off.

There’s a session on Entity Framework later in the day which might be worth catching to see where the new version is headed in .Net 4.0.


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