End of April Approaches

Apple’s website is still saying we’ll see the WiFi and 3G/WiFi iPad here in Australia in “Late April”.  I find that rather fascinating considering that today is April 13th.  You could officially say we’re not into “mid-April” and we haven’t got a date, a price or any idea about what the telco’s are going to charge for access to their 3G networks.  I like surprises as much as the next guy, but come on.

What’s more surprising than even anything is how the carriers have been able to maintain the secrecy.  Surely, if they are going to be offering network access to these devices with the new micro-SIM cards in the next two to three weeks, they must know something, but not a single leak.  Have Apple thrown bags over the heads of senior carrier executives, whisked them off to a darkened room in Cupertino somewhere and chained them to a desk?  

My feelings is that all of this secrecy is bad for us poor consumers in Australia.  We almost always pay a “premium” for Apple products, I reckon we’re going to get slugged this time.  My thinking of course is very simplistic (when isn’t it), if they were going to be offering on par pricing with the US and hot 3G coverage deals, they’d be trumpeting those facts to whip up a further feeding frenzy.  Right now they seem to be wanting all of the good press in the US on the device itself to be their main promotional tool.

So, they’re either going to be late and we won’t see the devices until June (they’ll quote overwhelming demand in the US or something to spin it) or we’re going to get hammered on price and late next week they’ll make an announcement about the iPad’s arrival on April 29th or 30th.


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