Egg Before Chicken

I just read which is an article quoting some scientists as having conclusively proven that Chickens came before Eggs.  I think we should all celebrate this discovery by burning every single book that talks about evolution because they are clearly wrong.  

The theory posits that a protein used to create the egg COMES from the chicken so therefore, without the chicken, the egg could not exist.  Ok… So the modern chicken appeared magically on the Earth (as if designed by God) and started laying eggs, which begat further chickens.  This scientific discovery is going to do wonders for creationists everywhere.

Here are my thoughts for what they’re worth and I don’t have a Supercomputer called HECToR at my beck and call, I just have common sense.  Let’s go back in time to a day when a genetic predecessor to the modern chicken existed.  Follow me here, this gets into evolution concepts which might be hard to grasp.  One of two things happened: one, the chicken’s predecessor laid an egg, containing a mutant that when hatched would become a modern day chicken; or two, the chicken’s predecessor gave some kind of crazy live birth to the mutant (the modern day chicken) and it would forgo this live form of breeding and start laying eggs as part of its mutation.  I suppose there could be a third case and that’s God made chickens in one of the seven days, but I’m trying to stick to science here.

Now, I wasn’t there and I don’t think I know anyone who was, but my first theory sounds much more likely, which if true, supports the theory of slow progress evolution AND also says that the egg came first.  Conversely, if the second theory is true, it throws out all of our current knowledge about the evolution of birds (even Chickens) coming from dinosaurs (which laid eggs).

I suppose the biggest question remaining about the chicken is why it crossed the road?


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