Apple ID Problem

As part of changing my email address on everything I have to my new personal account, I’ve run into a few minor issues.  Probably the most difficult one was with iTunes.  Last night I went into iTunes and changed my account’s email address which doubles as it’s Apple ID.  Everything seemed great – Apple sent me an email to verify the change, I clicked the required link and we were done.

Well, we were done until I tried to access iTunes with my iPhone 4.  You see yesterday I finally got around to taking my iPhone 4 into the Apple Store at Chatswood Chase because the home button had basically decided to work whenever it felt like it rather than when I pressed it.  Apple were great, they just swapped it over and I was out the door.

I then had to update it to iOS 4.3 and restore from my last backup and I was back to where I was yesterday morning.  Except for the Twitter client which was a mess.  Obviously the guys who write the iPhone client for Twitter didn’t get the memo that everyone else should stop writing clients because they are just so good at it. My Twitter client wouldn’t refresh the timeline – pull it down, spinning wheel, no updates.  So I figured I’d delete it and download a new fresh copy from the App Store.  That’s when I entered into Apple ID Hell.

I signed in with my newly minted and verified Apple ID.  Up popped a screen telling me it would give me instructions on how to verify my email, which I’d already done, so I clicked ok.  It then went to a screen telling me I’d already verfied my email (yeah, I knew that).  I clicked done and I was right back where I started from.  In a big giant circle I kept going.

I decided to hop into iTunes on my Macbook and buy something to see if that worked.  Again, I got into the whole “Please verify” and “You’ve already verified” loop.  I went back in and tried to change my account again.  That’s when I noticed that Apple have changed their password requirements to have capital letters and numbers in the password.  Now my account and password were OLD SCHOOL and had neither yet it kept accepting it.  Thinking that might be the problem, I changed my password to a compliant password.  Still no joy – right back into the verify, already verified loop except now I couldn’t even get in to change my account details.

I did a bit of outside the square thinking and logged into the Apple Australia store with my Apple ID and newly minted password and it worked.  I was then able to change my Apple ID to a different  email (I had control of that one too) and use a compliant password.  I signed out and signed back in – everything working.  I then went back to the Apple Store, logged in and changed the Apple ID to the email address I wanted to use.  Again, it all worked fine.  I’ve been able to buy music from iTunes on the Macbook as well as buy and download an app from the App Store on my iPhone.

Oh, in case you’re wondering – deleting the Twitter client and downloading a fresh one fixed my problem of not refreshing the timeline too…

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