Ok, Fairfax, I have a real problem with you now and the Sydney Morning Herald!

I’m sitting online, Chrome has a few tabs open, one of them is the Sydney Morning Herald.  I’m reading something in another window, happily minding my own business.  All of a sudden a hiccup and some woman talking about a baby are blasting out my Macbook speakers.  I bring up all my windows to see what’s doing it, flip to Chrome and go through the tabs and there it is, SMH has just decided to start playing an RSVP video ad.  

Not good!  I have no problems with ads on content pages, everyone deserves to get paid for their efforts.  I have no problem with video ads either.  I do object to web pages that just start the video without my consent though and more importantly for everyone involved, it makes me HATE the advertiser.  So SMH and RSVP – you both suck.


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