Affiliate Program

If you want to partner with me and promote my products to your customers or audience, then I’m here to help you!

To register to become one of my affiliate partners, head over to Affiliate Powered, my affiliate/jv partner site and register.

Our commissions are paid via PayPal every other week.  We don’t hold back commissions waiting for refund periods or anything like that, every two weeks we send it to you via Paypal – NO MINIMUMS!  If there are refunds after we pay you, then those will be clawed back from your next payment.

Most of our products have a 50% commission as a default.  We have been changing that a little bit recently, some of our products are offering 70% commission and rather than a set price for our SEO services, we’ve increase the payout by setting it at 25% monthly recurring.

I’m constantly adding new products and services that you can sell, we’re starting up a regular webinar series with our partners for training and advice and we’ve also go our regular newsletter which goes our by video every couple of week.

I really hope we can work together, so please sign up to our Affiliate Powered program!